About Us

    Fullco Industries, an ISO 9001 company, has 30 years of experience in specialized component sourcing for OEM companies around the world. This comes with an equal amount of experience in the fields of engineering, quality control management systems, inventory management, specialized packaging, and international logistics and distribution. A privately owned company with continual profitable growth, Fullco found its root in the specialized fastener industry. Today, the company has expanded with warehouse distribution in China and Europe with our head office located in Sycamore, Illinois.

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Our Locations


Est. 1986

Fullco USA is located in Sycamore, Illinois in the Chicagoland area and is the head office of Fullco.


Est. 2010

Located in Kunshan, Fullco China is a short distance away from the major city of Shanghai.


Est. 2015

Located in Nuneaton, Fullco UK is situated nearby the capital city of London.


Est. 2018

Fullco Slovenia is located in the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.