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Specialized Fasteners
Specialized Bi Metal Bushings
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Grain Bin Flange Bolts & Specialized Fasteners
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Specialized Fasteners

-U Bolts
-Grain Bin Bolts
-Track Bolts
-Flange Bolts
-Wheel Nuts & Bolts
-Screws & Nuts all styles
-Threaded Studs


We are able to provide a wide range of materials and offer a wide verity specialized protective coatings and platings that

can be customised to your requirements:

-Stainless steel, Carbon steel and Exotic materials

Manufacturing processes:

Our technical capabilities allow us to provide our customers with a total turnkey solution that can be scaled to match your

exact requirements for any type of fastener product. Each of our processes are overseen by experienced staff who

knows what it takes to make a high quality part. Processes include:

-Hot form, Cold form, Heat Treat, Screw machine