Metal Castings
Metal Forgings
Powdered Metal Parts
Stamped Metal Parts
Plastic Injection Parts
Specialized Fasteners
Specialized Bi Metal Bushings
Hydraulic Pump Parts
Shower Door & Bath Parts
Grain Bin Flange Bolts & Specialized Fasteners
Wheel Nuts & Heavy Truck Wheel Attachments

Plastic Injection Parts
Many custom molded
plastics parts of any
size and material to
suite your needs

Materials & Finishes:

- ABS, PVC, TPE, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate Acrylic and others according to design specs
- Many plated and painted surface finishes available suitable for Bath and Automotive industries

Manufacturing processes:

- Extrusion and Injection Mold
- Complete Mold Manufacturing capabilities
- Assemblies and Custom Packaging